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Smt. Radhabai Subhash Mahalle

  • Shelu, Yavatmal

Smt. Radhabai Subhash Mahalle is widow of Lt. Subhash Mahalle from Shelu Village in Yavatmal district. Her husband committed suicide when Maharashtra was had dreadful draught for almost 5-7 years. Mahalle family was left behind with single earning mother with kids and in-laws to take care of. With a small non-productive land and 2 kids to look after, Smt. Radhabai Mahalle’s family had to survive on meagre earnings and constant stress of upbringing the family.

After losing sole bread earner of the family, Mahalle family had to face a life full of struggles and everyday was challenge. Smt. Mahalle was unable to provide good education to her kids and was seeking for help for the betterment of her kids.

AAN Foundation along with its Indian Affiliate “Deendayal Bahuuddeshiya Prasarak Mandal” helped Mahalle Family to setup a small business to earn their livelihood. AAN Foundation helped Mahalle Family to setup a Cloth store consisting of readymade apparels and Sari’s. This cloth store helps them to earn a constant income so that kid’s education and other basic necessities can be fulfilled.

AAN Foundation is continuously putting efforts to recognize Families like Mahalle Family so that more families can be benefitted with AAN’s “Kutumb Aadhar Yojna” Program.

Our Mission

To empower families that have suffered due to suicide or drought

Our mission is to support education of kids and livelihood of family by providing micro finance and continuous guidance and monitoring to help them live their life with dignity.