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Work Experience


From Year 2015 – Present

One Visit

Padmashri Dr. Prakash Amte
From Year 2015 – Present

It all started with visit of Padmashri Dr. Prakash Amte to Atlanta in late 2015.

His visit and his preaching influenced us to give something back to society selflessly.

How to Solve it?

Four of us came together to discuss numerous issues currently faced by Indian Farmers, Orphans, Senior Citizens, Child Labor and many more.
There are so many issues to solve and fulfill everyone’s needs in India.

Too Many Issues


How to reach them?

Although everyone is willing to help and have all the resources, the question remains about
“How to make sure that the needy gets help directly?
How do we make sure that the right person is helped?”

Right things are in right Hands

A little brainstorming emerged with the idea of forming AAN foundation that will work closely with local NGO’s to get firsthand information of the needy and making sure that help is reached to the appropriate person.



We Will…!!!

We are sure that we will find people with similar ideas and will join us for the betterment of our society.


Our Mission

To empower families that have suffered due to suicide or drought

Our mission is to support education of kids and livelihood of family by providing micro finance and continuous guidance and monitoring to help them live their life with dignity.