Pallavi Ashok Koychade

  • 8th Standard

Date of Birth : 2nd August 2003

School : Abhyankar Kanya School

Village: Yavatmal, Maharashtra

Pallavi Ashok Koychade is a poor girl coming from small village of Jalka in Yavatmal District. She is currently studying in 8th Grade.

After losing her Father, her family was left with abandon loan and no means of earning Livelihood. Her mother supported the family of four (all minors) by working on their own farm (mere 5 acres) but could not produce much crop even to sustain their family. Due to meagre earnings, the family could not afford to give appropriate education to kids. Pallavi being a good student, wanted to learn in good school for a bright future. Pallavi has aspirations of studying in good schools and colleges. She aspires larn in godo college and serve the community.

AAN Foundation along with its Indian Affiliate “Deendayal Bahuuddeshiya Prasarak Mandal” picked Pallavi as an able candidate to help. AAN Foundation is currently sponsoring Pallavi’s education and her lodging charges at Tejaswani Chhatravas. Tejswini Kanya Chhatravas provides accommodations/meals/transportation to kids along with teachings of Indian Culture, Sholoka’s, and Yoga. They also organize events to bring out best out of the students.

AAN Foundation is continuously putting efforts to recognize kids like Pallavi so that more kids are benefitted with AAN’s “Kids Education and Development” Program.

Our Mission

To empower families that have suffered due to suicide or drought

Our mission is to support education of kids and livelihood of family by providing micro finance and continuous guidance and monitoring to help them live their life with dignity.